Smart Stock Investing Tips

In stock markets you can study or research for year and years spending tons of money seeking consultancy to succeed yet you may not gain much. You don’t need to take it from us that no person can accurately predict the stock markets again and again. Two well known and respected investors of our time, John Bogle and Warren Buffet have said the same thing. In fact investing in stocks is as expensive, stressful or hard as you make it.

We are discussing below 3 things which you can manage on you own and they will enable you to make good money from the stock markets.

Stock Investing Tip: #1
You must open a brokerage account.
Opening your brokerage account is an easy task. You need to fill some forms, deposit money in the account and must link your saving account to this brokerage account.

Stock Investing Tip: #2
Make it a point to invest in broad markets and you must always diversify
You must stop trying to time the market and instead choose some specific stocks and tread a safer and smarter path by investing in broad markets. If you proceed this way, you could surely beat those people who try to time the markets.
You must invest in funds which track large indices and represent whole of American market.

Two stock funds you may want to invest in are:

  • Ticker: DIA (It represents the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index)
    • Ticker: SPY (It represents the S&P 500 Index)

The above two indices are most well known and are used all over the world. They keep track of large American companies and stock funds mimic their indices. These are most safe ones and would give you good returns with time. They pay dividends too. These dividends are quarterly or monthly and are given to you for just owning that equity.

Stock Investing Tip: #3
You must invest consistently and do auto investing.
You must make it a habit to invest monthly and you can select any amount as per your convenience. Now each month on a particular day your trades will be executed automatically. I recommend you to select middle of the month for auto investing. It has been seen historically that in the beginning or at the end of a month the prices of stocks are on higher side. This will assist you in buying at low prices.

You must not stress ups and downs in the markets. If ever you desire to check your portfolio you must do it sparingly and must avoid touching it!